Dear Customers,

on April 27th the Union Government of India declared Tramadol a "psychotropic substance" which leads to a rescheduling of the drug to Status NRX, exports are strictly monitored by the narcotic control board.

It is currently impossible to export Tramadol out of India, even our main suppliers have not received clear instructions and in the short time many shops will run out of Tramadol completely.

Some more details can be found in this article of the Times of India

However, Tramadolshop has great stock levels and will be able to supply most dosages for a while. We believe within 2-3 months there will be solutions availbale, at least for dosages up to 100mg.

No rescheduling has been taken place under US FDA where Tramadol is ranked Schedule IV.

Please get in contact if you have any further questions. Support