Why Modafinil Is One Of The Best Smart Drugs?

Smart drugs are performance-enhancing drugs that help to improve memory function, learning skills, concentration, focus and also communication skills. Technically known as “nootropics”, they are widely used by entrepreneurs, students, athletes and players. Modafinil is one such intelligence booster drug which is mostly prescribed to treat excessive sleepiness. Widely prescribed by doctors, it is considered to be one of most effective smart drugs today.

Read ahead to find out more about its amazing utilities!

No negative effects of stimulants

As Modafinil is mostly prescribed to treat excessive sleepiness like narcolepsy, there is a common misconception that the pill is a stimulant. But even though it has got stimulating properties, it isn’t a stimulant and is hence devoid of the typical side effects of regular stimulants. For example, it won’t make you jittery as most stimulants usually do. Actually, Modafinil is an Eugeroic which makes it a very powerful wakefulness-promoting agent. Most importantly, unlike many other smart drugs, Modafinil never causes withdrawal syndrome or crashes.

Guaranteed safety

This is another crucial reason why Modafinil is hailed as one of the best smart drugs today. It is extremely safe to use and there are almost no negative side effects. There are people who have used Modafinil safely for years and there is no report of any adverse side effect.

Boosts brain functions & mood

One of the major problems with smart drugs is there is no concrete scientific evidence to prove their effectiveness. But that’s not the case with Modafinil. Studies on Modafinil have proved the efficacy of this smart drug. So, did these studies show?

  • Modafinil has proven to enhance brain function, motivation, alertness and reflex action in case of healthy adults.
  • This highly acclaimed smart drug has proven to resist fatigue to a great extent
  • It also acts as a fantastic mood enhancer
  • Modafinil works to lessen the tendency of “impulsive responses” which further eliminates the risks of poor decisions taken in haste



Not addictive

Modafinil has earned rave reviews from all over due to its no-addiction property. You can use Modafinil for extended periods of time and you still won’t get addicted to it. On the contrary, it has proven to be very useful to get rid of addictions.

A popular choice among users

Modafinil users always speak highly of this powerful smart drug. According to them, it has helped them to successfully fight excessive sleepiness through natural mental wakefulness. Added to it, the drug has enhanced their focus, concentration, zeal and productivity to a significant extent. Have you watched Bradley Cooper’s famous Hollywood movie - “Limitless”? It talks about a fictional drug which induces outstanding mental performance. And actually, the flick was based on this particular smart drug.

Modafinil is undoubtedly a favorite among almost all nootropic users today. This widespread popularity has even led to prestigious publications in esteemed magazines and websites such as Rolling Stone. Moreover, it has also been featured on roaring media channels like CNN and ABC!