Back pain is a problem that has been experienced by at least everyone. This pain can cause discomfort. Atimes back pain is a pain that you can bear; however, sometimes the pain is unbearable. Thus you will need medication to help cool it down.  You can get over the counter pain medication.

Back pain is often experienced by old people. This is because they have weak core muscles and also due to a decline in muscle mass as well.  The pain could be as a result of injury, or depression. Back pain also is experienced by young people as well. The first line treatment of back pain is usually massage, yoga, exercise, or physical therapy.

By any chance the pain persists after the first line of treatment; you need to see your doctor who will then help you analyze the cause of the pain. The doctor will, therefore, address what could be causing your pain. However, drugs will be prescribed to you to help you ease the pain.

Most of the time, you will use over the counter medication for your back pain issues. Buy any chance you decide to buy your medication online; make sure you buy from a trusted online pharmaceutical supplier.

There are several categories of medication that can be used in the treatment of back pain. And they include;

Over the counter Painkillers

All this medications are used in the treatment of lower back pain. Typically, a lower dose is available with no prescription. Thus you can buy them from your local pharmacies or an online pharmaceutical supplier.

Prescription painkillers

If your back pain persists after using the first line treatment and OVC medication, you can, therefore, opt for stronger painkillers. Thus you can use prescription painkillers known as opioids. You can consequently use tramadol, morphine, and many more. There is deference in the strength of these Opioid drugs. Tramadol is a weak opioid while morphine is known to be a stronger opioid. For this reason, before you start using any of this medication makes sure you get advice from your doctor.

Muscle relaxant

Your pain may be as a result of muscle tension. Thus you can use you sedative drugs. It is believed that these pain medications act by reducing muscle tension. It is also thought that sedative drugs relieve only short term pain only. An example of such medication is Soma.



Antidepressant can be used to treat anxiety and also be used to relieve pain, as well. These medications are also believed to be prescription drugs; hence, you need doctor’s advice before you use it. You can, therefore, use Etizolam to help relieve back pain.

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