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Tramadolshop.is is part of a larger group dispensing pharmaceuticals since 2012 online. We supply your pharmaceutical needs at reasonable costs, saving you money on your RX needs.We are a family run business are able to source almost every medication you might need. Our customers are our main focus and we endeavor to provide them with exceptional service. For any questions, feedback or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Are Tramadol, Soma, Etilaam, Etizex, Modafinil as selling products safe?

Yes. We sell only branded generics from trusted manufactures which are Indian-FDA approved for export. Our warehouse and logistics are specialized in handling pharmaceuticals, storing products according to the manufactures' recommendation. This means the items you buy on our website might not be registered in your country but they have gone through strict Quality Control while being manufactured in India. Every item we will on our website will have the manucturer displayed, please feel free to visit the companies website to get your own impression.


Will I receive exactly what I order or will you send alternative products?

You will always get the exact product you've ordered, we do not replace items. If a product has become unavailable after you have ordered it we will contact you to offer you the choice of another product or a full refund.


How do I order Tramadol, Soma, Etilaam, Etizex and Modafinil?

You may choose the item(s) you want and place it into the shopping cart. Please proceed to checkout and choose one of the the payment methods we offer. You will receive an order confirmation email and we will notify you once the order has been shipped.


When will I receive my order from Tramadol Shop Online?

Depending on the target country, your order will reach you in 8 -14 business days. Every parcels comes with tracking information so you can follow your parcel online.


What if my order doesn’t arrive on time?

Please contact our customer support if your item has not reached your within 14 business days. We will track down your order and find a solution that suits you best. Please be ensured that nearly all shipments reach our customers in a timely manner. Please note that mailpost items do not get daily updates, we ask our customers for some patience and not contact us before 14 business days are over as there is little we can do before that.


Which shipping methods do you offer?

Please refer to our Shipping page.


Will customs in my country permit the shipment containing Tramadol, Soma, Etilaam, Etizex or Modafinil?

Customs in countries we supply to have permitted the import of personal medication not exeeding three month supply. In very rare cases US customs might stop an item and send you a "love letter" stating that your items have been found illegal for import and destroyed. We would offer you either a free reshipment or full refund in this very unlikely case, please contact our customer support.


Where do you ship from?

We ship from various locations depending on stock availability.


Can I return unused product?

In order to protect the safety and wellbeing of patients, government regulartions prohibit the returning of any product once it has left our warehouse.


Is there a discount for bulk quantities?

Please contact our customer support.


Can you provide me personalized advice concerning my medical condition for using Tramadol, Soma, Etilaam, Etizex or Modafinil?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide personalized medical advice. You will need to speak to your own medical care professional.


Does my order require a physicians prespcription?

All orders placed on this site do not require a physicions prespription. However, by ordering on this site you confirm that you are receiving medical guidance in how to use these products. We are not able to advice on the usage of these products, dosages or frequency of administration as that must be done by your heathcare practitioner.


Why is Indian Medication so cheap compared to the medication in the United Staates?

India is a very large country with no mandatory health insurance system. To make sure people can afford access to the medication they need India does not follow patent law as most western countries do. For international pharma companies this means they have to register there drug individually in India and proof why the requested retail price is necessary. In most cases India will turn the requested price down and grant the license to manufacturer a generic version of the drug to a local manufacturer to have the drug available at a reasonable price. Yes, pharma does not like that and there have been some giant battles over "cash-cows" of big pharma: Wall Street Journal  and here another article from Forbes.

We give you access to benefit from those cheaper medications.


To learn a litte more about Indian Generic Medication we recommend to watch the following on youtube:




I still have a question, how can I reach your support?

Please don't hesitate to customer support if you have any questions. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Please note that our support does not work on weekends.



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