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Payment with eCheck is available to US Customers.
To pay your order using eCheck is as simple as writing a check.



What is an e-Check?


An e-Check or an electronic check is simply an electronic version of a traditional paper check, but is used to make payments online.
Payments are debited from your account in the same way that it would have been if you had used a traditional paper check.



Why use e-Check?


  1. Lower Processing Fees: Credit card companies charge fees upwards of 15% of the transaction total. With e-Check these fees are greatly reduced and we can pass these savings on directly to you.
  2. Higher Approvals: Unfortunately we are seeing an increase in declined transactions via credit cards as the majority of pharma payment processors are located outside of the United States. 
  3. Secure: e-Checks are processed by the same secure and trusted ACH Network that manages over $41 trillion and 24 billion electronic financial transactions each year.
  4. Green: Because e-Checks are processed electronically they cut down on waste associated with traditional checks and plastic credit cards.


How to use an e-Check for Online Payments?


Using an e-Check is simple, just three bits of information which are already displayed on your check are required:


  1. Name on the Bank Account
  2. Routing Number (Always a 9-digit number) 
  3. Account Number




Or you can just Email your check to us referencing your order number  and we’ll take care of the rest!

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