Anxiety can be described as an emotion that normally involves worried thoughts, feelings of tension and physical factors such as increased blood pressure.

Under normal circumstances, anxiety is a healthy and normal emotion. However, it can develop into a medical disorder if the condition reaches disproportionate levels.

You should be able to differentiate between anxiety disorder and normal anxiety so that you can know if you need medical attention.

Anxiety disorders are normally characterized by persistent fear and worry about daily situations. Individuals with this problem often deal with panic attacks (these are episodes of extreme anxiety that hit a peak in a matter of minutes).  A panic attack often involves fear and terror.


Unfortunately, anxiety comes with feelings and emotions that can last from childhood to adulthood. These feelings can be difficult to control and they even mess with daily activities. Individuals with this problem can prevent these feelings by staying away from certain places or situations.

Anxiety disorders are normally characterized by the following characteristics: concentration difficulties, uncontrollable worry, sweating, restlessness, sleeping difficulties, feeling weak, increased irritability, trembling and emotions that make you feel "on-edge".

Anxiety disorders can include: social phobia (social anxiety disorder), separation anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and specific phobias. In some cases, individuals suffer from multiple anxiety disorders. You’ll need quick treatment if your anxiety is caused by a medical condition.

Listen to Trevor Clifford’s story:Back in 2014, I realized that I was always dealing with mixed emotions which were ruining my productivity at work – I am a video producer. I decided to see a doctor and was shocked when he told me that I had Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I didn’t even know that anxiety was a disease! I did a lot of research about the disease but it sounded like gibberish to me. My condition improved when I began taking medications and talking to a psychologist. I would recommend this formula for other people.”

Treatment is important irrespective of which anxiety you have. Below, we have listed some of the best anxiety medications to control this condition.

Also, take a look at our anxiety section   to see more medications for your problem.


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