This narcotic-like medication is what you need if you’re looking for a pain relief drug. Tramadol is normally prescribed by a doctor but in some cases, it can be bought without a prescription. When buying from an online source it is important to choose a reputable pharmacy like Tramadolshop.

Why suffer with pain in silence? Just buy Tramadol and you’ll start feeling stronger than a wild beast in the African plains.

If you don’t have a prescription, it is important to know that Tramadol should not be used by children below 14 Years, pregnant women, people with suicidal thoughts or those with renal/Hepatic Insufficiency.

Remember: Don’t use this drug with sedatives, alcohol, sleeping pills or psychotropic substances.

How bad is an overdose?

Tramadol should be taken as prescribed in order to avoid an overdose.  Don’t increase or decrease Tramadol even if you’ve missed a dose. Symptoms of an overdose can include: severe drowsiness, very slow breathing, slow heart rate, coma as well as cold and clammy skin. Call your doctor if you start to experience the above symptoms.

Abusing Tramadol can be as risky as a Russian roulette game – it’s like pointing a gun to your head and pulling a trigger with the hope that it won’t fire. You might get away with it but it’ll leave you shaking like autumn leaves. Here’s the kicker: An overdose of this painkiller can be fatal – this is even more likely in children or people without a prescription. You also risk suffering from risky withdrawal reactions if you suddenly quit using Tramadol.


Is there anything else I should know?

Get this: Tramadol shouldn’t be taken by breast-feeding mothers. The milk can be contaminated by the drug hence causing breathing problems, drowsiness or even death to the baby.

There’s no need to be alarmed by the side effects or withdrawal symptoms of this drug because they decrease with time. Tramadol will heal your pain although you might have to deal with its side effects.

Your doctor should be aware of your medical history – this is very important if you’re suffering from brain disorders, difficulty urinating, breathing problems(like sleep apnea and asthma), pancreatic diseases, allergies, stomach/intestinal problems, mood disorders (like suicidal thoughts and depression) or substance abuse disorder.

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Let’s leap into the nuts and bolts.


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