Dear Customers,

we hope you are safe during this difficult time. Unfortunately, our logistics partner has announced that they will no longer be able to support our business after 30.06.2020. While we are currently looking for alternative shipping options there is a risk that will no longer be able to supply products to end customers from Singapore. Shipments to business will not be affected.

Although shipping is still severely delayed by Covid-19 by the lack of flights we see items moving and as such want to give you the opportunity to stock up in case there is no further supply.

We will offer a “Double-Pills” for Tramadol starting 20.05.2020 all the way till 27.06.2020. No code required!

As Example: If you order 100 Pills Tramadol starting 20.05.2020 we will automatically ship 200 pills Tramadol.

To ensure payment on time we plan to cut off order take-in on 27.06.2020 as our last shipping day will likely be the 30.06.2020.

We´re unable to reship delayed orders.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions.



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