Is Tramadol harmful for long-term users

Tramadol is a drug that is ideal for relieving pain. Its healing power comes from its ability to change how the brain perceives pain. It is helpful to the body but it can be harmful to people who use it over a long period. Usage of this medicine requires a prescription in order to avoid problems like overdose, addition or even death.

More and more practitioners are avoiding to prescribe Tramadol for long-term usage because it can cause undesirable effects. When this drug is used for a long time, it causes problems like:

Cognitive decline: Tramadol is known to cause slowed reaction time and cognitive impairment, just like many opioid drugs. Users might experience a harder time when doing complex tasks. Long-term users of Tramadol are advised to avoid driving because it can be dangerous to them and others.

Physical dependence: Many users have found it hard to live without this medication after using it for a long time. It is impossible to function properly without using tramadol – this is because their bodies have become accustomed to the drug. Long-term users can suffer from a withdrawal syndrome that may cause physical illness.

Tolerance: This drug can become ineffective when it is used for a long time. Your body can become accustomed to the drug; users can only feel the euphoric and painkilling effects of Tramadol if they use larger doses.

Dependence and tolerance of this medication can cause Tramadol addiction in some cases. People who are addicted to this and other prescription drugs can resort to prescription forgery or “doctor shopping” to maintain their addiction.

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Tamol XX 200 (Red) (Tramadol)

Adults with chronic ongoing pain can treat this problem using this extended relief tablet. This higher dose medication is useful in controlling severe and moderate pain. The active ingredient in this drug is tramadol hydrochloride (200 MG).

This medicine is made by Signature pharmaceuticals. It is red in color and it is offered in a pack of 10 tablets.  Brain receptors contribute in sending pain sensations to the brain – Tamol xx 200 causes a healing effect by binding these receptors. It belongs in the class of opioid analgesics. This higher dose medication relieves pain by working on your body’s central nervous system.

It can be habit-forming if your body is exposed to it for a long time. Side effects are common if you’re already dependent on Tamol xx 200 and you stop taking the medicine. A sudden withdrawal from this medication can cause: sleeping problems, hallucinations, sweating, panic, diarrhea, uncontrollable shaking, nausea, hair standing on end, sneezing, nervousness, chills, pain, cough or runny nose. You can order this pain medication from

Tamoll X 225 (Tramadol)

This painkiller is effective when it comes to treating serious or moderate pain. The agony of pain is reduced when the medicine hinders pain-causing chemicals known as (norepinephrine, serotonin).

Just like most other drugs, Tramadol can end up being habit-forming when used over a long period. This can lead to mental and physical dependence. The dosage should always remain as it was prescribed by the doctor; the dose shouldn’t be added or reduced. Abusing this drug can be dangerous and it can even result in death, addiction or overdose.

Your doctor will identify the right dosage for your body depending on how you react to Tamoll x 225 and the nature of your problem.

Remember this: You are not advised to use Tramadol for pediatric use. Only a qualified doctor should determine the use and dosage of Tramadol for patients who are younger than 16.

The usage of this drug shouldn’t exceed 300 mg in a day for patients who are aged 75 and above. On the other hand, 100g per day is the maximum dose for liver cirrhosis patients. It shouldn’t exceed 200mg when it used by patients who suffer from kidney disease.

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