On November 5, 2019, Bitcoin-focused product hub Coin Ninja announced that, through a collaboration with cryptocurrency payments company Wyre, users can now buy bitcoin directly on the DropBit app with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Coin Ninja calls DropBit its “Venmo for bitcoin,” a bitcoin wallet and payment service particularly designed to help Bitcoiners send BTC to those who don’t own any. And it positioned this announcement as progress in its efforts to make DropBit the fastest and easiest on-ramp for bitcoin.

Coin Ninja claimed that bitcoin purchases can take less than two minutes from installation to completion and that the integration is easy for even nontechnical users to leverage. It also noted a purchasing cap of $500 worth of bitcoin and that purchased bitcoin loads directly into a DropBit wallet.

The announcement also highlighted that there are no KYC requirements for using the new feature (though using Apple Pay or Google Pay would presumably mean that a purchaser has already provided this information).

Posted by: bitcoinmagazine.com

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